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About Us
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Goload.in as the name implies is a centralized database portal for the load transporters with their instantaneous routes and availability information.

Why We Emerged ?

The root cause and idea behind this implementation sprouted in our minds as a result of practical problem faced by one of our founders. Once, he had to shift his house hold goods from his old residence to a new place. He literally struggled to find a truck which suited his requirements to shift his load. That is when the idea struck his mind and shared this to all our founders.

Our Vision

By giving a database of entire load transporters, each owning a wide variety of trucks which cater the needs of different customers to shift their load, customers are just a click away to find a truck in order to shift his/her load to the desired destination. This would add value to a new kind of customer service that had never existed in the past.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring greater satisfaction to the customers and the transporters, there by increasing the efficiency of our present load transportation system.